Welcome to CatchPool

Catchpool is a place to share the best content you've discovered on the Internet with the people who inspire you to be your best self. We believe that if the web is like a sea of content, you just have to know where to go to catch the best and leave the rest.

On today's Internet, it's easy to catch up on breaking news, or to search for a specific topic. But, when you don't know what you want, and you're just looking to discover quality stories serendipitously, where do you go? We want that answer to be Catchpool. In the same way that many of us read the Weekend Edition of the paper first thing Saturday and Sunday morning, Catchpool should be the place you go for relaxing, unexpected, quality stories. It's a place to find great topics for the dinner table, and a place to reward your curiosity.


We believe less really can be more, so on Catchpool, you're only allowed to share (or catch) up to seven links each week. And when you choose other Catchpoolers to follow to see their favorite articles, podcasts, videos, and more, we recommend following 30 or less, so that you're never overwhelmed. Catchpool isn't about competition, it's about quality. Our discover section will always have more content for you, but on Catchpool, we only want you to feel inspired, delighted, and more curious about living. In a world where time is THE scarce resource, a limited amount of quality content is more.


We believe that every choice counts, and as such, Catchpool is focused on driving meaning through minimalism. Our mission is to help you easily uncover content that inspires, interests, and delights you. Ultimately, we want to help you enjoy life through the lens of the best on the web. Then, you can get off the web and explore the best the physical world has to offer with the people that mean the most to you.

Come catch a better web with us.

--Team Catchpool

The Team

Erica Berger


Erica has lived and breathed the news and the internet for much of her life, thanks to her parents subscribing to 6 daily newspapers, and to her discovering the world wide web via Prodigy in the mid-1990s.

She's currently the founder of Catchpool, and for the last two years, has run Mileage (media), a suite of newsletters for the growing communities between New York, LA, London, and San Francisco. She grew up in Chicago, then escaped West to USC in LA, where she didn’t end up realizing her 8 year dream of being a marine biologist, instead working on an award-winning environmental documentary film, FUEL. After falling out of love with excessive driving, she moved to Brooklyn in 2009, where she blogged about indie music, while working at The Economist by day. After launching an internal ideas lab, she left traditional media for the startup Storyful (recently acquired by NewsCorp). She was honored as one of Forbes 30 Under 30 in Media in 2013, manages the Sandbox Network community in NYC, and also sits on NPR’s millennial board, Generation Listen. Her writing has been featured in The Economist, Fast Company, VentureBeat, and GOOD. In her free time, she’s not too shabby of a percussionist, surfs, hikes, and practices yoga and vedic meditation.

Erica still loves the ocean, and that’s why CatchPool looks like a little bit of the ocean on the Internet.

Ana Becker


Ana has been fascinated with the intersection of art and technology since she discovered Kid Pix for mac at age 2.

She's currently a Graphics Editor / News Apps Developer on the WSJ.com Interactive News Graphics team. She grew up in basically every part of the New York metro area, and studied design as an undergrad at the Cooper Union School of Art. She and Erica met at the New York Tech Responds hackathon after Hurricane Sandy, where they were each working on disaster-recovery apps. Last year she attended the Flatiron School, a three-month intensive web development crash course, where she met Crystal. Her nerdy deep-dive favorites include CSS, typography, James Joyce, classical mythology and pop music history. She is solidly not-bad at electric guitar. She has met Bono and will tell you about it if you buy her a drink.

Crystal Chang


Crystal likes baking, puns, and startups.

She studied Cultural Anthropology and French Literature in college before going off to grad school and studying Global Governance and Diplomacy. She then left academic life and started working at Birchbox, which prompted her to decide to learn how to program. She did so at Flatiron School where she met Ana. The ensuing months involved freelance jobs, an internship with Seth Godin, and an interesting series of side projects. She has very particular tastes in stationary, which results in being a bit of a notebook hoarder and having to order special Japanese pens online.